Customised Embroidery

We provide bespoke machine embroidery for brand logos or personalisation of garments.We can typically embroider on most garments such as t-shirts, jeans and caps. Whether its for a brand logo or just a personalisation gift, we've got you covered. We can work together to achieve your desired embroidery look.

Our setup for embroidery services allows us to deliver and meet the needs for small to medium scale quantity orders.

How it Works

Ideally, you would already have an image or logo in mind that you want to embroider. Please note we are not Graphic designers.

  • You can then email us your desired image.
  • We will digitise the image which simply means converting the image into embroidery format in order for it to be used on the machine.
  • Please include size and dimensions of the image and also placement of the image on the garment. 
  • We would also need to know the type of fabric that you want to use as different types of fabric can affect the quality of the embroidery.
  • Once we have an idea of what it is you desire, we will then proceed to provide you with a quote.

All these criteria can be found on the AMD Embroidery Quote Form.