The buttonhole styles we provide include:

  • Straight
  • Lapel
  • Keyhole fishtail
  • Keyhole bartack

All buttonholes can be sewn cut or uncut depending on your preference.

Please note: We do not buttonhole leather, PVC or brocade


When bringing in your garment, please ensure that the desired postion is marked correclty on the garment along with the button if you require a particular colour or thread. If you are sending it via post please download the following form and include it with your garment. Buttonhole Order Form

Buttonhole Checklist

  1. garment marked correctly – see instructions below
  2. send a swatch of fabric for testing – approximate size A4
  3. fuse thin or stretchy fabrics (organza, lightweight silks, leather/PU, PVC, jersey and knitted are unlikely to be suitable for buttonholes)
  4. loosely tack facings around the buttonholes to avoid facing slippage.
  5. attach a button(s) or enclosed for buttonhole sizing
  6. if sending threads to check they are the correct weight – see details below

Buttonhole Marking

  • straight buttonholes = mark on the FACE SIDE (outside) with chalk or light pencil in a line or dots
  • keyhole and lapel hole = mark on the WRONG SIDE (inside) with chalk or light pencil in a crucifix to show the direction and where the eye will sit.

Buttonhole Thread

Bring your own thread for a better colour match.

  • straight buttonholes (Chain stitch)  = 1 spool of 120 weight, ideally Gutermann 120
  • straight buttonholes (Lockstitch) = 2 spools of 120 weight, ideally Gutermann 120
  • keyhole and lapel hole = 2 spools of 70 weight, ideally 2x Coats Tre Cherchi 40 or 2x Gutermann Mara70

Helpful thread stockists: William Gee and London Trimmings

Buttonhole Sizing

“We make the button hole to fit the butto

Bring your button to get an accurate buttonhole size. Our machines do not work in metric units, we will need to see the button to get the correct size. The charts below show the available sizes and the approximate millimetre equivalent. You can download and print the Button Size Chart for your reference to make sure you choose the correct size.


Buttonholes are priced per garment/ panel / pattern piece minimum charge, up to the quantity of 10 buttonholes. More than 10 buttonholes on the garment/ panel / pattern piece will be charged at a unit price per buttonhole.

  • straight buttonholes – minimum charge per unit = £4.50 / 10+ holes per unit = £0.50 per hole.   For example, a garment/panel with 13 straight buttonholes will be £6.00 
  • keyhole fishtail – minimum charge per unit = £5.00 / 10+ holes per unit = £0.50 per hole.   For example, a garment/panel with 12 fishtail buttonholes will be £6.00
  • keyhole bartack – minimum charge per unit = £6.00 / 10+ holes per unit = £0.50 per hole.  For example, a garment/panel with 12 bartack buttonholes will be £7.00
  • lapel hole – minimum charge per unit = £6.00 / 10+ holes per unit = £0.50 per hole.    For example, a garment/panel with 12 lapel style buttonholes will be £7.00

Tailored gents suit jackets are charged at the keyhole rates, this will include a lapel hole.